After months of research and trial runs, we are happy to share with you our collaboration with our friends at Swift Cup Coffee—CREMA Instant Coffee. This is not your grandma’s instant--the folks at Swift Cup use a well-refined process to freeze dry and preserve our fresh coffee, so all you have to do is add water and you’ve got a cup of delicious. This process is in line with our aim to honor the work of the farmers and producers that came before us and we are so excited to present you with a new way to enjoy the coffee we love so much.


Last week, we went on a hike with She Hikes Tennessee (aka, our good friend Jess Lancaster), to enjoy a beautiful Tennessee hike and share the magic of instant coffee with her. She shared with us about the experience and how CREMA Instant Coffee is making her day-hike-dreams come true.

Coffee and a Hike - Volunteer Day Loop :: Long Hunter State Park


Even though it's less than 30 minutes from Nashville, Long Hunter State Park seems to stay relatively under the radar, taking a backseat to Radnor Lake and Percy/Edwin Warner Parks.


Long Hunter State Park sits on the east side of Percy Priest Lake and has a handful of trails scattered through its four distinct sections - Bryant Grove, Couchville Lake, Bakers Grove, and Jones Mill.


The Volunteer Day Loop is in the Baker’s Grove section in the northern part of the park. It’s a four-mile trail that hugs Percy Priest Lake bluffs for half of the hike while the other half meanders through cedar groves. I think it’s as close to a perfect hike as you are going to get less than 30 minutes from Nashville. It’s a well-marked trail and a relatively flat and easy hike with a few spots along the shore that are perfect for setting up a hammock and making a cup of coffee.

Coffee has been a daily ritual for me since I was a teenager, whether at home or outdoors. Ten years of my life were spent working in coffee, so I am always searching for different ways or methods to bring great coffee and hiking together.


For me, making a cup of coffee in the outdoors usually requires a hand grinder, a brewing device like an Aeropress, filters, campstove, fuel, and water. (Whew!) All of this coffee gear adds weight and takes up space, but it was well worth it so that I could make a halfway decent cup of coffee.


Now there’s a better way: actually good instant coffee! CREMA Coffee Roasters has partnered with Swift Cup Coffee to make instant coffee that, well, doesn’t taste like instant coffee. No more are the days of cramming multiple items into my pack, just to be able to drink good coffee in the outdoors. I’m sold.

I took some of the CREMA staff on this hike of the Volunteer Trail and we made fantastic trailside coffee with just a camp stove and water. Each little packet of instant coffee weighs practically nothing and you can bring exactly the amount that you need. (Bonus: The packaging is compostable. But, please always practice ‘leave no trace’ and pack everything out.) Instead of juggling multiple items, we just boiled water on a camp stove and mixed in the instant coffee. Not only does the CREMA instant coffee save weight and space in your pack, it also saves time. You’ll have that cup of coffee as fast as you can boil water, which is especially important on those chilly mornings after a not-so-great night’s rest in a tent.


Having an easy and convenient way to make coffee while outdoors is a game changer. I’ll be bringing my CREMA instant coffee along on many more hiking and camping adventures!


Ready to try it on your next outdoor excursion?

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