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About La Esperanza Caturra

In the township of Villa Fátima, outside of Bruselas, Huila in Colombia, Luz Dary Polo works on her 3 hectare (7.5 acre) farm. She is a member of the Los Guácharos association — they collectively share technical know-how and commercialize their coffee together while working on converting to organic agriculture, making their own fertilizers and installing water filtration systems. 

Luz herself has begun making her own ‘brew’ of organic minerals and waste products called ‘Super Margo’ that’s used as a fertilizer and disease protectant. She is also moving towards fully organic production, but is making the transition thoughtfully and planned out so that her yields don’t go down.

This lot of 100% caturra cherries that are picked at their peak ripeness, then floated to remove any defects. Then the cherries are stored in sealed bags to begin a fermentation process. After 40 hours, the cherries are depulped, then fermented again in a sealed barrel for 60 more hours. Then, the coffee is washed and sun dried before export. 

We have had a handful of lovely coffees from Luz and we’re so excited to share another with you! This coffee is a beautiful expression of what Colombian coffees have to offer — juicy acidity with a complex sweetness.

REGION: Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
FARM/MILL: La Esperanza
ALTITUDE: 1,650 meters 
PRODUCER: Luz Dary Polo
PROCESS: Double fermented, Washed and Sun Dried 

Sourced through our partners at Shared Source.


Tastes like

Boysenberry, Caramel, Chocolate

Brewing Recommendation

While we strive to roast our coffees to be enjoyable using any brewing method, try La Esperanza on Kalita. 

Kalita Brewing Ratio - 1:16 [i.e. 25g coffee and 400g water]

Frequently asked questions

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The coffee is usually roasted within one business day (Monday-Friday) of shipment. We recommend waiting at least 3-4 days after the roasting date before brewing. (And we think the sweet spot is around 2 weeks!)

All our coffees will be somewhere in the vicinity of a light to medium roast.

The way we approach roasting coffees is called 'profile roasting' meaning that we create a unique roasting profile for each coffee based on the characteristics of each bean (density, size, moisture level within the bean, etc) and how it reacts while roasting so that we can get what we believe to be the best expression possible for each of our coffees!

Lucky for you, any of our coffees can be brewed as espresso!

We aim to roast our coffee so that it tastes great in a variety of brew methods. (Fun fact: espresso is a brew method, not a type of coffee bean!)

If one of our offerings sounds good to you, we bet you’ll like it on espresso too! But, we always like to suggest Tres Banderas as a starting point for espresso. 

No, most of our coffees aren’t ‘certified’ organic. But!! That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not grown using organic processes. For many of the farms/mills that we purchase coffee from, the cost of the certification could put them out of business — new and separate equipment, cost of application process, the time spent going through certification (multiple years), etc. You can read more on the topic in our blog post here.

We are not officially fair trade certified and typically do not purchase Fair Trade certified coffees. We believe the system is a good one, and has helped many farmers and families earn a better living, however, one thing it does not address well is quality of product, and we typically pay much higher prices for higher quality.

Fair trade usually offers farmers a small premium (about $.40) on top of whatever the current market price for coffee is. We either work directly with producers or importers that already pay well above Fair Trade prices for high quality coffees. We pay top prices for great coffees regardless of any certification. Please feel free toreach out to us if you have any other questions regarding our buying practices.

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