Three Rivers Blend

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Three Rivers Blend

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About this blend

If our coffee offerings were listed like a dog adoption page, you’d see these coffees described as “plays well with other dogs”, coffees. Which is why we brought Yaitepec Especial from Mexico and Santa Isabel from Guatemala together in this blend! They’re basically the Labradors of our current coffee offerings.

We know what you’re thinking...there are only two coffees in this blend? But the name is THREE Rivers! Don’t fret, we’re not trying to fool you - this blend is named after the three rivers that make up the border between Guatemala and Mexico.

We could’ve gone with one of the actual names of the rivers themselves, but we didn’t want to put you through the phonetic gymnastics of it all. So, Three Rivers it is!

Back to the coffee - like we said, Santa Isabel and Yaitepec Especial play especially well together (pun intended). The crisp red apple tartness of Santa Isabel is balanced by notes of deep dark chocolate from Yaitepec and rounded out by an overall caramel sweetness.

As with all of our blends, the body is creamy enough to translate beautifully to an espresso, but its versatility makes it enjoyable in whatever your preferred brew method is at home. So I guess you could say it plays well with other brew methods as well? Like we said, a total “Labrador” situation here...except the vet bills will be significantly less.

Tasting Notes

Red Apple, Caramel, Dark Chocolate

Brewing Parameters

If you choose to enjoy Three Rivers as an espresso, we like our espresso at a 1:2 ratio, meaning the final shot volume is twice the weight of the coffee used. So, an 18g shot of espresso would yield 36g of liquid. The extraction should take 24 to 27 seconds.





Region: Guatemala/Mexico

Farm/Mill: Santa Isabel, Yaitepec Especial

Varietal: Pluma Hidalgo, Caturra

Altitude: 1,400-1,750 meters

Producer: Yaitepec Co-op and Luis “Wicho” Valdés

Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Relationally sourced through our partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants and Los Volcanes


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