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About this coffee

Sometimes all you can say about a coffee is, “Wow! This is great!”. And that’s what we are saying about revisiting this coffee from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. It’s just a really solid coffee all around. It’s got all the qualities you want from an Ethiopian: juicy, fruity, delicate acidity and it looks good doing it. (Honestly guys, it looks pretty much the same as the rest of the coffees, but I’ve heard it’s self conscious about its ‘body’.)

The Shakiso boasts a juicy body (No, we promise Shakiso, it’s looks really good!) like biting into fresh stone fruit (like an apricot or peach) and having all the delicious juice run down your chin. Its delicate acidity hits your tongue as the crisp dark chocolate body rounds out a fantastically clean cup.

The Shakiso comes just in time for the beginning of the new year and we are so glad it showed up.

Tasting Notes

Apricot, Peach, Dark Chocolate

Brewing Recommendation

Brew this coffee in a Chemex to accentuate the coffee’s delicate acidity and juicy body.

RATIO: 16:1 (Example: 400 grams water, 25 grams coffee produces 12 ounce cup)


REGION: Oromia, Sidamo, Bobe’a Ukke, Shakiso

FARM/MILL: Shakiso Washing Station

VARIETAL: Heirloom

ALTITUDE: 1,500-1,700 meters

PRODUCER: 600 Contributing Landholders

PROCESS: Fully washed 

Relationally sourced through our partners at Olam Specialty Coffee


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