Paloma Espresso Blend

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Paloma Espresso Blend

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About this espresso

You know the milk-chocolatey richness of Tres Banderas. You know the fruity, light-bodied Blue Heron. Now we offer you Paloma! A blend of two origins that lands us smack-dab in between the two, reminding us of the classic duo of chocolate and citrus.

With the combination of two fully washed coffees, one from Peru and the other from Colombia, we found an approachable balance which still offers complexity.

Paloma’s acidity reminds us of crisp red apple - not too tart, but still refreshing. Its creamy body and malty sweetness gently hints at notes of molasses with dark chocolate complexity at the finish. We encourage you to embrace this new blend and try it in every context - it will obviously be a home run on espresso, but try it on filter or iced and see if it woos you in a new way!

Each blend offers a new, exciting adventure and we think you will enjoy the journey Paloma takes you on.


Tasting Notes

Apple, Molasses, Dark Chocolate

Espresso Parameters

This coffee will certainly shine when served as espresso. We like our espresso at a 1:2 ratio, meaning the final shot volume is twice the weight of the coffee used. So, an 18g shot of espresso would yield 36g of liquid. The extraction should take 24 to 27 seconds. However, we wanted to make it versatile enough to drink as filter coffee as well! Try it at a 1:16 ratio in the Chemex or Kalita for more flavor clarity and mellow acidity.





Region: Cusco, Peru/Huila, Colombia

Farm/Mill: Aguilayoc/Estrella del Ostro

Varietal: Various

Altitude: 1,600 - 2,100 meters

Producer: Two small co-operative groups

Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Thoughtful Packaging and Shipment

Our coffee labels are locally letter pressed by our friends at Typographie Press. We think you'll agree, their artistry gives our bags that little something extra that says "we are one-of-a-kind!"

Did you know we have a "No Packing Peanuts" guarantee? You may notice the packing materials in your orders are never alike. That's because we're like little lovable fury packrats, we collect every material we can and reuse all the packing materials we receive to pack your order. Recycling is simple really, it's a smart way to be save you money and be good stewards of this planet we love so much. It's all part of being a Zero Waste company.

We know when you order you expect it fast, that's why we ship same or next day, Monday through Friday.

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