La Roca, Nicaragua


La Roca, Nicaragua

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About this coffee

Any 90’s kids out there? Or just in general, any fans of the movie Iron Giant? Who can forget the classic tale of a giant alien robot who befriends a young boy named Hogarth, only to be vilified by government agents. Throw in the acting chops of Vin Diesel & Harry Connick Jr. and you’ve got yourself a hit!

Well we like to think of La Roca as our very own Iron Giant. Hailing from the La Roca farm in the Dipilto region, this particular coffee varietal (maragogype) naturally mutated in Brazil before making the journey to Nicaragua.

Nicknamed the "elephant bean" because of its size, the maragogype varietal actually carries a quite delicate and soft flavor. It may be giant, but it’s as gentle as they come.

La Roca is a lovely coffee for the afternoon, and perfect for fall. The coffee's soft pear fruitiness pairs with sweetness of dates and the buttery richness of pastry.

Embrace your inner Hogarth and welcome our iron giant with open arms - your love for it will blossom and bloom just like the coffee itself.


Pear, Dates, Pastry



This coffee shines when filter brewed: we suggest the Chemex or Kalita brewing devices. Generally, filter brewing produces better coffee clarity (ability to tell flavors apart) than body (texture, weight in your mouth) and we love this coffee's clarity.


RATIO: 16:1 (Example: 400 grams water, 25 grams coffee produces 12 ounce cup)




Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Farm/Mill: La Roca

Varietal: Maragogype

Altitude: 1,300 - 1,500 Meters

Producer: 6 contributing members

Process: Fully Washed and Sundried

Relationally sourced through our partners at Caravela Coffee


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