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About this coffee

Have you ever seen a unicorn at CREMA? Neither have we, but this coffee is as close as we may ever come. Kerinci is unlike anything we’ve offered before, and we are so excited to share it with you.

Hailing from the Sumatra region, this Indonesian coffee is defying all the odds as a dry hulled, fully washed, sun dried coffee, which is extremely rare - most Indonesian coffees are wet-hulled, a process that often results in a slightly “dirty" tasting cup of coffee.

Kerinci boasts notes of tropical fruit and ginger spice which are amplified by nuances of tobacco, pepper and an earthy sweetness. Allow it to cool and you will find its syrupy body is more voluptuous than perhaps anything you’ve ever tried from us!

We’re so proud of “baby’s first Sumatra” and we hope you guys enjoy the thrill of introducing this new member to the family as much as we do.

Tasting Notes

Pineapple, Maple Syrup, Ginger

Brewing Recommendation

Enjoy the dynamic qualities of Kerinci by brewing in Chemex or Kalita - pay attention to the way it opens up and explodes in deliciousness. Drink slowly and savor. Or try it in the French press to accentuate the rich body that this region is known for. For proper extraction of the French Press, add an additional 2 grams of coffee per 12 ounce cup. (425 grams water, 27 grams of coffee)

RATIO: 16:1 (Example: 400 grams water, 25 grams coffee produces 12 ounce cup)


REGION: Kerinci Highlands, Sumatra

FARM/MILL: Kerinci

VARIETAL: Adung Sari, Sigararutang, Tim Tim, Bor-Bor Varieties

ALTITUDE: 1,200 - 1,500 meters

PRODUCER: 150 Small Landholders

PROCESS: Dry Hulled (Fully Washed) and Sun Dried

Relationally sourced through our partners at Anthem Coffee RoastersK


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