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About Felipe Romão

In southeastern Brazil, not too far from the Atlantic Coast is the Corrego de Prata region, translating to ‘Silver Lake’ that comes from the seemingly shiny water that runs through the mountains and provides water to the community.

Felipe comes from a family of coffee producers; he’s a third generation farmer taking after his father and grandfather. Plus, both his uncle and great uncle planted and tended to coffee trees. Felipe took over the farm in 2006 with his wife, Rafhaela. His father and mother still help support the family farm alongside them too. The Romãos also farm some beans, corn, and avocado on their land. You may notice that there’s no farm name for Felipe’s land in the details below. That’s simply because he’s never named his farm. (We get it, Felipe, naming things isn’t always easy!)

These days, many Brazilian coffees are either natural or pulped natural, meaning most or all of the cherry is left on while the coffee is dried. Felipe’s offering, on the other hand, is fully washed, a process that is standard for many other origins, but is pretty unique for Brazil. 

This coffee brings a delightfully creamy chocolate body with a soft watermelon-like acidity rounded out with a pleasant punch of red grape. It’s an approachable crowd pleaser while maintaining a uniqueness that will satisfy any coffee connoisseur.

REGION: Corrego De Prata, Castelo, Brazil
VARIETAL: Catuaí, Catucaí and Mundo Novo
ALTITUDE: 980 - 1,200 Meters
PRODUCER: Felipe Romão 
PROCESS: Fully Washed

Sourced from our partners at Osito.

Tastes like

Watermelon, Red Grape, Milk Chocolate

Brewing Recommendation

While we strive to roast our coffees to be enjoyable using any brewing method, we love Felipe Romão brewed on the Clever or any drip brewer.

Clever Brewing Ratio - 1:16 [i.e. 25g coffee and 400g water]

Drip Brewing Ratio - 1:16  [i.e. 40g coffee and 640g water]

Frequently asked questions

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Lucky for you, any of our coffees can be brewed as espresso!

We aim to roast our coffee so that it tastes great in a variety of brew methods. (Fun fact: espresso is a brew method, not a type of coffee bean!)

If one of our offerings sounds good to you, we bet you’ll like it on espresso too! But, we always like to suggest Tres Banderas as a starting point for espresso. 

No, most of our coffees aren’t ‘certified’ organic. But!! That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not grown using organic processes. For many of the farms/mills that we purchase coffee from, the cost of the certification could put them out of business — new and separate equipment, cost of application process, the time spent going through certification (multiple years), etc. You can read more on the topic in our blog post here.

We are not officially fair trade certified and typically do not purchase Fair Trade certified coffees. We believe the system is a good one, and has helped many farmers and families earn a better living, however, one thing it does not address well is quality of product, and we typically pay much higher prices for higher quality.

Fair trade usually offers farmers a small premium (about $.40) on top of whatever the current market price for coffee is. We either work directly with producers or importers that already pay well above Fair Trade prices for high quality coffees. We pay top prices for great coffees regardless of any certification. Please feel free toreach out to us if you have any other questions regarding our buying practices.

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