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El Diviso Gesha - Colombia Limited Release

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A meticulously processed gesha variety from the Lasso Family in Colombia. We taste Lemongrass, Guava, and Citrus.

Only offered whole bean in a 6 oz specialty package.

About El Diviso

Many years ago, a small independent coffee association — Los Guácharos — was formed in the southern part of Huila, a department in southwest Colombia. They place a large focus on quality and organic agriculture (i.e. making their own fertilizers and installing water filtration systems). The Lasso Family, who tends the El Diviso farm, is part of this group and have been working together to identify more opportunities to enhance the sweetness of their coffees.

They’ve come up with a meticulous processing technique that showcases the creativity and expertise of these producers. First, they float the cherries to remove the under- and over-ripe ones. The properly ripe cherries are left to ferment in temperature-controlled cool water for two days. Then, the cherries are depulped and fermented again under a small layer of cool water in a sealed (low-oxygen, anaerobic environment) tank. After 36 hours, the cherries are fully washed and set out to dry on raised beds. The Lassos even carefully monitor the temperature of the drying process — hotter at the beginning then decreasing the temp as the coffee dries.

We think the Lasso Family nailed this processing method and we’re giddy to be able to bring this geisha offering to you. The final cup boasts of juicy complex sweetness and a bright and crisp acidity that makes us swoon with delight.

REGION: Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
FARM/MILL: El Diviso
ALTITUDE: 1,750 meters
PRODUCER: Lasso Family
PROCESS: 36 hr Fermentation, Washed and Dried on Raised Beds 

Relationally sourced with the Lasso Family via Shared Source.

Brewing Recommendation

While we strive to roast our coffees to be enjoyable using any brewing method, try El Diviso on V60 for a clean and crisp brew or Kalita for a slightly more full-bodied expression.

V60 - 1:16.6 [i.e. 15g coffee : 250g water]

Kalita - 1:16 [i.e. 25g coffee : 400g water]