We’re thrilled to announce that the hiring process for our newest cafe in Brentwood has begun!

Before you view the position descriptions and apply, read our story and learn a little about who we are! Also, check out our industry-best ‘Benefits and Well-Being Plan’

BaristaShift LeadBarista Trainer



Newly hired Baristas will have a series of initial training shifts and upon completion will become Stage 1 Baristas. They are able to work a limited set of stations as they receive more detailed training. After passing our Bar exam and being certified by a Cafe trainer, baristas progress to Stage 2 Barista who are able to operate the espresso machine during volume portions of any shifts. Espresso training is long and meticulous, for good reason. Preparing outstanding espresso drinks is one of our greatest passions, and we feel that our customers deserve the best. Having Baristas who are prepared to give our customers an outstanding espresso experience is vital to our operation and mission. 


  • Organized
  • Passionate about coffee
  • Self starter
  • Good with people


New hire baristas will be able to work at these stations: 

  • Register, where they are the point of contact with our guests, using hospitality and communication to ensure that expectations aren’t just met but exceeded.
  • Food, where they will follow our recipes and guidelines to produce our limited set of dishes that we are proud to offer to our guests
  • Dish, where they will make sure that the Crema experience is a clean one for our guests and staff, and that our staff have the clean wares, utensils and vessels to provide our food and beverages to guests.
  • Runner, where they will make sure that food and drinks get to guests fresh and just after they are freshly made.
  • Retail, where they will restock and help to sell our thoughtful retail products.

Level 2 baristas will additionally be able to work these stations: 

  • Bar, where espresso is perfectly dosed, metered and made.
  • Brewing, where all coffee types are brewed
  • Barback, who will help prep the bar in getting any ice, syrups and/or cups ready for bar to finish

Feel like you’re a good fit for a Barista position? Send your resume to with the subject: 'Brentwood Barista’.



The shift lead role is to lead the barista team during business hours. This person helps create a positive and hospitable environment not only for the staff but for the patrons as well. This person is responsible for any hospitality concerns, communicating to the staff about shift tasks, and communicating to management any issues concerning safety, equipment failure, staff issues, or things needed to provide the best experience at Crema. The ideal candidate will flourish in a low direction, quickly changing work environment and be comfortable working independently. 


  • Organized Self starter
  • Technologically astute 
  • Labor and sales driven 
  • Good with people
  • Enjoys learning


  • Delegate shift positions, breaks and staff changes.
  • Lead shifts and oversee flow of cafe, health code, cleanliness of the cafe and provide a hospitable experience for guests.
  • Be the point on the floor during shifts for all questions and requests from customers that are related to company policy and procedures. If you are unsure of an answer to such a question, give the customer the company contact email address ( and let them know an owner will look over the inquiry and respond ASAP.
  • Provide coaching and positive reinforcement. 
  • Communicate with GM, AGM, other Shift Leads and operations about daily operations via Slack.

Hourly Shift Leads on tip pool are NOT able to: 

  • Adjust any staff member’s hours, including by cutting shifts early
  • Interview or hire any potential staff member
  • Issue any negative feedback or documentation to a staff member

If they need to accomplish any of the above tasks, they will need to contact a salaried manager to perform those tasks or clock in as a non-tipped management class to do so.  

Feel like you’re a good fit for a Shift Lead position? Send your resume to with the subject: 'Brentwood Shift Lead’.



This role will interact on all shifts with their General & Assistant managers as well as the Head of Training, the Quality Control and Education Lead and barista team to execute floor training for new employees. The floor trainer will help with the floor based onboarding of new staff and ensure the smooth execution of new hire training schedules. The ideal candidate will flourish in self-directed, changing environments & be comfortable working both independently as well as in a small team. This role will identify and achieve coffee quality results with trainees and set standards for what is technically expected at each station. This person will support the staff in growing their knowledge base and love for coffee.  


  • Organized Self starter
  • Great communication skills
  • Passionate about teaching
  • Good with people
  • Set standards behind the counter at Crema
  • Health code Certification


Training: New Hires

  • Coordinate New employee training Schedule with GM
  • Organize and execute one on one training and floor training
  • Present descriptive goals that will be covered in each training.
  • Coordinate bar floor training with GM & completion of new hire checklists
  • Give every new hire barista bar exam
  • Develop all Stage 1 baristas into stage 2 baristas by using speed/efficiency testing

Training: Ongoing Professional Development

  • Ensure that existing baristas maintain appropriate levels of technical knowledge
  • Re-train baristas that require it via referrals from GM/AGM or personal interactions
  • Lead tasting/training for staff on all coffee releases or product changes - new menu items, drinks, etc
  • Conduct quarterly barista check-in’s and continued education for team members

Quality Control

  • Maintenance and upkeep of all cafe equipment pertinent to coffee quality as per schedules communicated between general managers, lead trainers and this position
  • Update staff on any QC changes pertaining to food, health code, register
  • Communicate any QC improvements directly to staff members or team 


  • Create new and/or Improve existing floor training materials and help find ways to improve training consistency and opportunities
  • Identify areas where barflow can be improved, and work with GM, AGM and operations to execute improvements

Feel like you’re a good fit for a Barista Trainer position? Send your resume to with the subject: 'Brentwood Barista Trainer’.