What's Inside Our Well-Being Plan

Show me a person who doesn’t like being given free things.

Is there a single soul who would begrudge someone saying “Here! Take this - it’s for your well-being and it’s free!”

Today we’re exploring the various benefits of the Well-being Plan offered by CREMA to our staff, and really, what’s not to love? The fact that we work in the coffee industry and have a matched-IRA or healthcare stipends is unique in general, and as employees, we don’t take these benefits for granted.

What I personally love about everything we’re offered at CREMA is that even at their most basic, the benefits feel like luxury. While I was reflecting on all the perks we’re offered it dawned on me that I haven’t had to pay for coffee in over four years because of our access to take-home coffee. It may seem unremarkable, but it makes me feel, well, spoiled. If I had to, I wouldn’t even know how to budget for a normal person’s monthly coffee consumption and I find that to be a MAJOR perk!

Now, I realize that although I may be thrilled by free coffee, there is much more to dive into here and most of it is more exciting. Let’s hear from some other members of our team about what their favorite benefits are and what they’ve done with them:

Benefit: Weekly bread CSA

Mark L. - “I’ve really been enjoying the bread CSA from Village Bakery and Provisions. I like to mix it up and order a different loaf most weeks - it’s something to look forward to. And sometimes I walk into the back on my break and just tear into the bag for a snack…” *it should be noted that minutes before, Mark literally walked into the break room, grabbed this week’s bag of brioche rolls from Village Bakery, and tore into them with his teeth.

Benefit: Matching IRA contributions

Nick J. - ”The IRA matching at CREMA is a HUGE benefit. Seriously, getting up to $50 dollars/month from your employer for free is pretty amazing, especially for a business this size.

Benefit: Yearly self-educational resource stipend

Molly L. - Pottery is something I've been interested in for years. With the help of Crema’s self-education stipend, I've taken 3 classes on pottery.  It's been a great way for me to use my creative energy. The process makes you stay in the moment, slow down, and focus. It's been an incredible experience and I definitely plan on continuing to develop my pottery skills.  

Abby - A sparkling water, some Reese's Pieces, and a good film at The Belcourt is all I need to have a good day. I love movies. Movies change my perspective, inspire me, they create endless thought processes, they attach me and throw my heart in a blender. They help me escape from the world for a little bit. The cinema has become a sort of safe space for me and I’m fascinated with all that goes into making films. Last fall when I saw that The Belcourt was holding a film seminar about how movies are made, I jumped at the opportunity. Thanks to our Well-being Plan, CREMA sent me onward to learn something new about an art form I love so dearly.

Benefit: Bi-annual massage stipend

Stephanie G. - I’m so thankful for my massage stipend! It’s kinda like they’re saying “hey, I know this job can be rough on your back, so here’s something to help!”

So, why offer a Well-being Plan? At CREMA we strive to be a company and culture where people thrive, not only as professionals, but also as human beings. We believe that when individual team members have a high level of well-being—when they are comfortable, healthy and happy—we are all better equipped to positively impact our friends, colleagues and communities positively.

Simply said, crafting exceptional coffee experiences is our passion. We recognize that success begins with ensuring the healthiness and happiness of exceptional people like our team.

These benefits just scratch the surface! Read the comprehensive Well-being Plan we get to enjoy, and take action! If you’re intrigued enough to be a part of what we’re doing, follow the steps to Join The Team and apply! Or, if you work in coffee already, we encourage you to help raise the standard for employee care in the industry. Share the link with your employer or get others talking.