Welcome back old favorites

A new year is upon us and with it comes the introduction of a round of four (that's right, FOUR) new coffees. New tastes to tantalize your tastebuds, new body from light and delicate to juicy and full. But wait...you recognize these coffees by name? First of all, you must really be keeping track of your coffees - way to go! Secondly, you're correct! These coffees are special in that we have had each of them grace our shelves in the past! Why don't you join us in giving a warm "Welcome Back" embrace to Shakiso from Ethiopia, Elida Natural AND Elida Washed from Panama and La Siguinilla from El Salvador.

(Editor's note: Shakiso will be released the week of Jan 22nd)

What we love about revisiting a coffee is that it is never the same as it once was! We may recognize consistencies due to growing altitude or processing patterns, but each year that we revisit a coffee it is a whole new experience. The coffee plants have changed due to different weather, changes in the soil and more. Once it gets to us, our lead roaster approaches the coffee differently, allowing what he's continually learning as a roaster to influence him as well as the new qualities in the coffees that he wants to highlight (WOW - he can do that?! He must be some sort of coffee wizard!).

Needless to say, while you may recognize these coffees upon first glance, we encourage you to re-acquaint yourselves...see what they're offering in 2018 - maybe you'll find a new favorite or maybe you'll be drawn back to what you always knew you loved. Whatever your leaning, we think you'll be glad to welcome these coffees back to the shelves and dare we say it, the shelves of your heart?