Who Is Tom?

Who is Tom? And what is Tuesdays with Tom? 

 Well, it all started in 1986(or at least that’s what his parents told him). Long story short, he now works at CREMA. 

 Just kidding, there’s more. 

 Tom started his coffee life while visiting a friend at the coffee shop at his University, and she had to take a bathroom break. Someone walked in, and he decided to walk behind the register, which began his career as a barista. A little over a year later, he was making $2 an hour serving questionable coffee at “Bella’s Ice Cream” in Wilmington, NC. 

Tom moved from North Carolina to Nashville, TN in 2011. His coffee career blossomed in Nashville from expert sticker placer all the way through becoming a General Manager.

Last month, Tom joined the CREMA Crew as our Education Leader and Quality Control Manager! In this new role he leads all aspects of our recently launched Coffee Education and Events Lab - a fun, relaxed place (part home kitchen, part classroom) to learn about all aspects of coffee. From simple brewing to trying out a home espresso machine for yourself!

 Which leads us to…

Tuesday’s With Tom! Or Videos with Valentine if he doesn’t come up with an idea in time. And yes, Valentine is his real last name.


So what is Tuesdays with Tom? Maybe you saw our Monday’s with Maddie Instagram series? If you didn’t, you’ll need a time machine to go back and learn from the weekly coffee teachings Maddie dosed out every Monday. Or, and maybe this is simpler(you decide), hop on over to Instagam.com/cremacrema and follow us! Every Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to hear the insane ramblings of an over-caffeinated dad(um, that’s Tom)talk about all things coffee. WE CAN’T WAIT. 

Tom Valentine

Tom lives with his beautiful wife Laura, and his two kiddos Washington & Minnie in Donelson, TN.

To sign up for a class with Tom, click HERE