Throwdown Lowdown

Latte art is like dunking a basketball, so we got LeBron James and Blake Griffin to go head-to-head assembled an all-star team of Nashville baristas and had a little slam dunk contest of our own.

CREMA’s second annual latte art/slam dunk throwdown featured 32 mid-south baristas, matched up in a one-on-one, single-elimination, tourney-style bracket to determine who had the most game. The tomahawk jams and reverse windmills (the latte art equivalent of those: seven-tiered tulips and inverted rosettas) came flying in from all over, from our pals at Spencer’s in Bowling Green, our Chattanooga friends at Copacetic, and all of Nashville’s ballin’ baristas.

There was beer from Black Abbey. Tunes from our own Abby. THE GRILLED CHEESERIE WAS THERE. It was supremely fun. Also, Barista Parlor’s Brock Rovenstine went all 2000 Vince Carter on us and crushed everyone.

Our friend Ryan Green snapped some photos of the spro-dunkin’. Here they are.