There's more to life than pumpkin spice

Muffins, lattes, cookies, pie, we get it - 'tis the season - but we're going to challenge you today to ditch the pumpkin spice and embrace some new fall flavors! We're welcoming into the family some fresh and delicious coffees with the coziest of tasting notes.

Hints of red apple, coconut and caramel abound in a cup of Santa Isabel from Guatemala. We're revisiting this coffee from last year, but it's got something new and fresh to say. A clean finish and a tropical-fruit acidity make this coffee truly stand out amongst the rest.

La Roca, hailing from Nicaragua, is sweet and delicate. Its rich mouthfeel paired with soft fruity notes of pear will transport you to that cozy, autumnal state of mind. Before you know it, you'll probably be fireside in the woods somewhere - that's the power this coffee has! Beware the power of La Roca! Just kidding...go ahead and give in. You won't regret it.

We know, we're probably reading this while sporting a shirt emblazoned with some form of "pumpkin spice everything." But we're here to challenge you and push you out of the everyday, so let's get going! Show your tastebuds that there's more to fall than gourds galore - shop these new coffees now.