Thank You

We are a coffee shop, a roastery, and a community. We get to make and serve coffee every single day. We love what we do -- and we could never do it without you. 

We are so thankful for you, for buying our coffee, for smiling and knowing our names. Thank you for joining our community. We are thankful for you.

 We also asked each of our baristas what they were thankful for.

Again, thank you. 

I am thankful for my lovely wife, Amanda, who is the tone to my groove. I am also thankful that there are people who are kind enough to pay me for brewing coffee. I am also semi-thankful for the government. - Nick, barista and shift lead

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my jobs, my (new) house, my car, for coffee, and for Nashville as a city. The existence of rock climbing, yoga, sushi, hip-hop music, camping (and fires), waterfalls, beaches, surfing, turkey trots, and hammocks are also included in my deep well of thankfulness. - Zachary, barista

2014 has shown me many things. I learned to really appreciate and be thankful for the following things: burgers, cars, stability, concentration, consistency, clothing, mind-over-matter-ness, change, opportunity, really great barbecue, communication, all the very cool and excellent-looking people in Nashville, my parents and two brothers, all of pizza, getting up fairly early, and drinking plenty of water. - Josh, barista

I'm thankful for a community of really awesome people who walk through the doors of CREMA every single day. I'm thankful for Rachel & Ben Lehman, who make me feel respected and well taken care of, which is so vitally important in a work environment. I'm thankful for literally the BEST CO-WORKERS EVER who have gone beyond being my co-workers and are now some of my dearest friends. I'm also thankful for gummy bears, my ability to clap on the beat and the fact that I live in America so I have the freedom to never have to drink a French press again if I don't want to (FILTERED BREW METHODS FO LYF, YO) - Chrissey, barista and trainer

I'm thankful for family, friends, and friends that became family. I'm thankful for each moment we get in life, good or bad. - Lauren B., barista

I'm thankful for the diverse community of customers at CREMA. I'm thankful for our adventure-loving team. I'm thankful to have these people in my life who inspire and challenge me. - Ben, co-owner

I am thankful for colors, for the trees and the leaves and the sky. I am thankful for friends who show up, friends who listen, improbably and incredibly. I am thankful for basketball. And I am thankful to work at what is literally my favorite coffee shop in the entire world. - Raleigh, barista

I am thankful for my new restful home in the country with my husband and kitty-companion, for my city – Nashville, I am still enamored by you – and for everyone at CREMA because my job has never been so enjoyable or entertaining. - Lauren S., barista

I am thankful for Laphroaig. Annie Dillard. Sisters. Wood stoves. Pipe tobacco. Wool socks. Biscuits. - Monica, barista

I am thankful for the three years I've been in Nashville and the many blessings (and trials!) I have experienced here. Friends I might never have chosen, playing violin in surprising capacities, and adventures beyond what I had imagined. Here's to many more! - Kelly, barista

I’m thankful for nature’s never-failing ability to knock my socks off. When I'm cupping coffees with the team, I’m always struck by how something as seemingly simple as a plant cherry can become something that’s so distinctive, complex, and all-around tasty. Also, scones. - Jacob, barista

I am so thankful for a roof over my head, a job in what I love, and my best friend, my wife. - Logan, barista

I'm thankful for the team of doctors (especially Dr. Obremskey) at Vanderbilt who saved my boyfriend Luke's life and leg (and obviously I'm thankful for the boyfriend himself!). I'm thankful for bosses at CREMA who care for us unconditionally. I'm thankful for mountains and hiking and the peace that the outdoors can bring. - Jess, barista

I am thankful for my big ole family, they're crazy and I love em. I'm thankful to be living here in Nashville, it's kind of a rad place and has been nothing but good to me. Also, seriously thankful for Ben and Rachel being the most badass bosses of all time--I am so inspired by them.  - Aimee, barista

I am thankful for Molly Lahym and for Obama health care. - Dylan, barista

I am thankful for friends who have become family. For the community, home, and place that I have in Nashville. For no longer having to live like an abandoned and hopeless vagabond. For second chances at damaged and once-lost relationships. For the joy that music brings to people, and how it connects us all in such a beautiful way. For humor and laughter, and the walls they tear down between anyone. For a real God who is a real Father, who never ceases to shine a very bright light into the darkest parts of my soul, day in and day out. And for the power of love to overcome anything and everything. - James, barista

I am thankful for my wife and my family and my dog and podcasts! - Mark, barista and shift lead

I’m thankful to be celebrating over half of my life’s Thanksgivings spent in this amazing, exciting, ever-evolving city. Also for good food, good drink and the loveliest people to share it with. - Courtney, barista

I am thankful for my car. I am thankful for my companions and music. I am thankful for grace. - Abigail, barista and roaster

I'm thankful to be able to work with such amazing and talented baristas, roasters, food-makers, and dishwashers. Truly, the people around me every day are smart and incredibly talented. I'm thankful for our beautiful daughter, who makes me laugh and challenges me to be a more patient and loving person. I'm thankful to live in a country where human life is valued. I'm thankful to be able to work alongside by husband, my partner in crime, and the person who challenges me most to be more thoughtful, creative, and fearless. - Rachel, co-owner