Ready to sweeten things up?

So are we. That’s why we’re debuting two new coffees this week. Or more like, right now.

First, there’s the Elida Estate Honey from the Lamastus family in Panama. These beans are brimming  with a balance of decadent, smooth and sweet honey, perfectly balanced with honeydew melon and vanilla. Nothing’s overpowering. Nothing’s lacking.

When you’re ready for your second cup of the day, brew up our Rosario Caturra. This pleasant coffee from El Salvador is notably sweet, like rich molasses, and finishes with a prominent dark chocolate note. Who doesn’t like to finish on a chocolate note?

Whether you’re acquiring a bag or two for your Valentine (because obviously coffee is superior to flowers) or saving this all for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Pick up a bag at either of our locations -- CREMA or Pinewood Social -- or order online.