Friends Drinking Coffee on an Island

As we all know, coffee tastes better on a cool morning, the sunlight dancing through the steam rising from the cup, as you hold the mug tight for warmth, and the coffee wakes you to the world around you. 

But what if the cool morning is a freezing morning, and what if you're surrounded by friends for warmth, and what if the world the coffee is waking you to is the unfathomable wonderland of Iceland?

Yeah, coffee tastes pretty good then, too.

This is the stunning vision our friend Ry Cox offers us in his breathtaking short film "Friends Drinking Coffee on an Island." Bringing along a camera, a couple good friends, and as much coffee as we could cram in his backpack, Ry and company launched forth to Iceland, with nothing much in their sights but adventure (that and, uh, introducing the Icelandic people to a small-batch coffee roaster in Nashville, Tennessee). And it's adventure we experience, even from our side of the lens.

So brew yourself a cup, watch this gorgeous video, and let Ry's coffee-fueled wanderings urge you forward in your own adventures. 

Ry Cox is a writer, director, and cinematographer who creates music videos, short films, and commercials. His work -- and his rascally, brewing-coffee-atop-a-waterfall-in-Iceland spirit -- takes him across the world. Follow his social media-ings, and see beautiful images from his work, at @RyCoxEverybody. And the deal is, next time he's in Iceland, he's gotta take ALL of us.