One Question Please: Susan Sherrick

This is the second in our One Question Please series. View all the questions here.

At CREMA, we try to live out the mantra "Do one thing and do it well." For us, that one thing is coffee -- we want to do it the best we can. 

We are so interested in and inspired by our peers. To get to the heart of their "one thing," we've previously run a series called "What Inspires Us" in this space. That was a fun, deep look into the lives of our fellow Nashvillians.

Lately, we've been intrigued by our friend's blog, One Question Please. We thought this fit spectacularly with "Do one thing and do it well," so we, umm, borrowed his idea (with permission!). And now, we present to you our own One Question Please series, as we try to get to the heart of our friends' passions. 

Susan Sherrick is everywhere. She curates the Sherrick and Paul Gallery in Houston Station. She makes deliciously cool leather handbags. She's also in CREMA from time to time -- her charm and easy going style have always made us big fans of hers. Susan has spent her career working in art galleries across the country, curating work from artists around the world. We're jazzed to have her in Nashville -- and we asked her this one question. 


What makes one photograph good and another great?


In the age of Instagram, which I love, everyone seems to think they are a photographer. As much as I love the platform, an image on Instagram is not the same as a image from Robert Frank's The Americans. The artists who make exceptional art, no matter what time period, were creating a painting, sculpture, drawing, photograph, etc., of their particular time period that no one else was doing. It's about creating something that is unique. None of the great photographers set out with the mindset I'm going to make great images and be famous. They just went about their day to day, made consistent work and succeeded. 

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Photo cred: Andrea Behrends