New Coffee: May 25

Summer is rapidly approaching and we don’t know about you, but our plan is to spend as much time as possible near a body of water. How else are we supposed to cool off at a moment’s notice if we’re not ready to transform Superman-style into a bathing suit and dive into the refreshing waters of the community pool or dodge the crashing waves at the beach?

Whether you’re carrying a cup of hot, filtered coffee with you down to the beach every morning of your summer vacation, toting a tumbler full of crisp iced coffee to the pool, or enjoying an espresso moments before hauling the kids off to the nearest water park, we’ve got you covered!

Fazenda J.R. is a coffee from the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil and despite its partially washed processing, we find it to be balanced and creamy with the mellow fruitiness of apricot and distinct acidity of orange zest. Los Eucaliptos is a slightly more complex coffee from the Ibagué region of Colombia. With lightly sparkling acidity, creamy sweetness and pleasant (yet nuanced) earthy floral qualities. Rounding out the collection is our latest blend offer - Paloma - which originates from equal parts Colombia + Peru. We’ve been experimenting here at CREMA and we’ve gone a little outside of the box…by sipping on our blends as filter coffee! We encourage you to give it a try as well to see how this coffee comes across vastly different than the espresso side of its personality. Both are rich, sweet and chocolatey with a crisp and gentle acidity, but you’ll find they portray these nuanced flavor notes in drastically different ways.

We hope you join us in “diving in” this summer as we familiarize ourselves with the ins and outs of these new coffees.There’s nothing more refreshing for your palate than switching it up and introducing it to something new…except maybe diving into that pool we were talking about.