New Brewing Guides

We're brewing up step by step directions for your favorite pour-over methods*. Whether you're a first timer or pour-over brew master, the guides will give you the reference and tools to make your next pour-over with confidence.

We started with our favorite pour-over device, the Ceramic Kalita Wave. It's our go-to device because the dripper's flat-bottom brew bed creates even extraction cup after cup.

* a method of drip coffee developed in Japan in which the water is poured in a thin, steady, slow stream over a filter cone

Start using the guide now: 
Brewing Guide: Ceramic Kalita Wave 

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We're celebrating the launch of our first guide with a 3 day special offer to help you become a Kalita brew master. Offer ends March 13. 

  • Ceramic Kalita Wave ($40)
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