New Brew For Your Boo

You didn’t think we’d release coffees in February and miss a chance to write about true love and coffee, did you? We wouldn’t want to disappoint, so here’s our best effort…

Roses are red
Coffee is brown
Brew these new coffees
Drink them right down That doesn’t do it for ya? How about this?

Coffee is good
Violets are blue
Nothing says “I love you”
Like a new brew for your boo

Okay, we’ll keep working on it. For now, we’ll introduce you to four new coffees that say “I love you” better than roses or chocolate...really, we trained them and they actually say the words. It’s astonishing.

It’s been a bit since we’ve given you a coffee from Kenya, but Gichathaini is worth the wait! Juicy citrus balanced with mellow acidity and sweetness makes for a complex and delicious cup.

If you’re more of of a Central American coffee lover, we’ve got a new clean and balanced white honey process from Costa Rica, Los Nubes, with notes of green apple, wildflower honey and malted milk.

Making a reappearance yet again is our steadily tasty and approachable Campamento Alto from our friend Aurelio Villatoro in Guatemala - think of red apple, almond and maple syrup as you sip on Campamento with your sweetheart.

Finally, just to really keep you on your toes, we’ve got a new espresso blend! Blue Heron Espresso Blend is our answer to the question - can a blend be bright, light and fruity? The answer is yes and the answer is also Blue Heron Blend! Notes of cherry, plum and caramel dance delightfully on your taste-buds, which we think makes a way more exciting Valentine’s Day gift than rosebuds!