New Bar, Same Story

We were covered with dust and wielding power tools, carving out a bar with lumber from the neighbor’s dumpster, carving out a little place for ourselves on a hill in Nashville.

It was 2008, and CREMA was all concrete floors and cinder-block walls, still revving with memories of the diesel engine repair shop it used to be. CREMA was Rachel and Ben, scrubbing the floors, polishing their dream.

CREMA was friends who showed up with paintbrushes, family that brought an extra pair of work gloves, so many good and kind people just there to help.

Many of them just worked for free, and we are still thankful--CREMA was built on their kindness and humble, hard work.

It’s 2014, and we could not have imagined this. CREMA has two rooms, an award-winning roasting operation, a location across the street, and two dozen invaluable employees. But the bar--that hand-sawed, dumpster-salvaged, truly “reclaimed” wooden bar--has to go. We need more space, improved ergonomics, and a better flow.

So today, we’re getting a new bar--we’re closed today and tomorrow for its rebirth.

On Thursday, we’ll reopen with an eye towards more efficient hospitality, quicker service, and less barista’s butts bumping into each other.

With all this change happening, it makes us reflect. We’ll always remember CREMA as a place covered in sawdust, built by friends and family and hospitality. We still strive to honor that--to be a giving member of this community. So remember with us, and check out these how-does-2008-seem-so-long-ago photos from our early days.

No idea what to do next.jpg
Bar template.jpg
New water line construction.jpg
Making progress_ (11-10-07).jpg
1562784694_219ad6c902_o (1).jpg
Bar structure.jpg
Back of bar.jpg
Getting closer.jpg