More Than a Passion Project

At CREMA we find coffee to be a thing of beauty. Growing it, harvesting it, processing it, the journey it takes from its farmers to its roasters, the simple daily enjoyment of it, each step possessing its own unique value. When the story of passionate people intersects with the coffee world at any point, that beauty takes on a depth that really stokes our fire. We encounter a moment in which we feel compelled to sit back and appreciate that we are joined on this journey by people who share our heart for coffee - not just the final product, but each step along the way...better yet, each person along the way.

This is the overwhelming feeling that we experience when we reflect on the story of the Carlson family. Ben and Kristy Carlson are ex-pats living in Burundi with their three sons. They felt compelled to invest in the farming communities in Burundi, which led to sourcing coffee directly and eventually building their own washing station.

Their dream was to facilitate meaningful relationships between coffee growers and coffee roasters and they have exceeded even their own expectations - they managed to sell out their first crop before it had even finished processing and have continued growing ever since. Not only do they have heart and passion, but they pay close attention to quality and integrity of the coffee...and it shows.

Even better, the coffee industry in Burundi is so much more than that for the Carlson family. They are using coffee as a way to fight gender based violence, as a way to give jobs and education to unemployed youth, even introducing farmers to their own coffee in a context where it is not unheard of for only 1 in 200 farmers to have ever tasted the fruit of their lifelong labor.

All of this and so much more is why we are thrilled to have sourced directly from the Carlsons and Long Miles Coffee for our newest release from Burundi. We could go ahead and wax poetic about Umurima Mikuba - the coffee that hit our shelves in late July - but instead of redirecting focus from the work that is being done by the Carlsons and many others like them, we’ll just encourage you to shop the online store or come in and grab a bag for yourself so that you can try the goodness while supporting the “good ones.” We’ll be ready for ya!

Once you’ve tried Umurima Mikuba, be sure to look into our other newly released coffees - El Pedregal from Costa Rica and Los Vascos from Colombia!


All photos sourced from the folks at Long Miles Coffee Project