New Coffee: May 14

Spring is here in full bloom and we wanted to give you some delightful new coffees to *bloom* at home! In Nashville, May has brought with it major temperature fluctuations (35 degrees one week, 85 the next), college graduations, Motherly celebrations, and before it gets away we are excited to add to that two new coffees that we’ve never offered before!

Our first coffee sourced from Ecuador, Los Romerillos is fully washed and comes from the Zamora region - it has quickly become a crowd favorite here at the cafe. We love its rich and creamy body balanced perfectly by its red grape acidity, but don’t miss the perfect dose of nutty toffee sweetness and hints of vanilla. Cool down with Los Romerillos as iced coffee and you’ll surely enjoy it just as much, finding that its complexity and versatility lends itself to various brew methods.

Finally, a coffee from Africa! It’s been AGES...or maybe just a month or two...but it seems like forever! We are thrilled to partner up with Long Miles Coffee for a second time and we assure you this coffee from the Carlsons in Burundi will dazzle you just as much as the last. Another fully-washed stunner, Gitwe’s citrus acidity is distinct, yet gentle, like tangerine. You’ll recognize the familiar juicy richness of blackberry notes and the pleasant, clean body and finish of white tea. You guys have been so patient as this coffee made its way to us and we promise, Gitwe is worth the wait.

What are you waiting for? Stock up on these spring staples before everyone else beats you to it. We’re offering it by-the-cup in our shop and retail bags are available online as well as in the cafe!