Finishing Strong

Who needs elves when you have our roasting team? They’ve been working around the clock (or at least during their scheduled hours…) to bring you not two, not three, but FOUR vibrant and delicious coffees to finish out the year. Here's the rundown:

  • We're on year six of sharing Las Delicias Pacamara with you guys, but this coffee wants you to know that it is its own person ( with its own unique characteristics. Expect to find the coziest interplay of creamy body, tropical fruits & subtly spiced and syrupy molasses.
  • We couldn’t leave you to finish 2017 without a natural process coffee, and this one is as juicy and complex as they come. El Quemado from Costa Rica has an acidity that reminds us of papaya and is sweet like cherry, but with the added complexity of rich dark chocolate.
  • You didn’t think we’d forget the addition of a solid Ethiopian coffee did you?? Ye of little faith! Matahara is pleasantly floral with apricot sweetness and round notes of milk chocolate. You will NOT want to miss this one.
  • Of course we saved the best for last with our Geisha from El Burro Estate. Thanks to a 2-week-long pre-release for this coffee, we are already sold out online, but come in and grab yourself a pour over of it before it's gone for good...there might even be a box or two left on the shelf to snag!

Buy one, buy them all, but whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss out on these goodies that we are stoked to share with you as our last coffee installment of the year!