Bundle of Joy

It’s time to BUNDLE UP!

You may be tired of bundling up after the winter season, but just trust me on this one...we are giving you exclusive access to pre-register for multiple coffee classes at once! We’re calling them bundles because all great things come in bundles - joy, babies...okay maybe not as many things as we thought, but this bundle...although it may not be as cute as a baby, we promise you’re gonna LOVE it.

Why bundle classes? Well, you guys are awesome at giving feedback and one thing we’ve heard over the years regarding our classes is that you wanted to take multiple classes, but could only get into one. Your feedback would be pointless if we didn’t do something about it, so here you are: Four different bundle options so that you can get into similarly-themed classes or just take them all if you feel so inclined...so are you? Are you feeling inclined? How about reclined? Maybe grab a Lazyboy and put your feet up for this next part...

Palate Perfecting -  Great Coffee At Home (4/18) + Taste & Evaluation (5/23)

Upping your at-home brewing game goes hand-in-hand with developing your palate. If you know how to make amazing coffee for yourself, but haven’t learned how to appreciate the intricacies of it, you lose out on the full enjoyment of your skills. And think about the other option, which is to have a developed palate, but underdeveloped coffee brewing techniques - that’s almost MORE tragic! Life is dramatic enough - avoid all coffee-based tragedy by perfecting your palate both at-home and around a cupping table.

Espresso Education - Espresso Basics (4/25) + Espresso Theory (5/2)

Peanut Butter & Jelly, Bacon & Eggs, Sonny & Cher, some things are just better together...if you want to fully grasp the ins and outs of espresso, these classes are best when taken together.

Milk Mastery - Milk Steaming (5/9) + Secrets to Latte Art (5/16)

Have you been dying to master latte art, but you haven't been able to snag a spot in the essential pre-cursor class, Milk Steaming? Now's your chance to grab life by the steam wand - just kidding...we highly recommend NOT doing that. It will burn. But grab this bundle and you'll automatically be enrolled in both classes!

The Full Monty - All Six Classes! (4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23)

Why take one class when you can take them all? If you've been out of luck trying to attend all of our classes, this is your chance!

We’ve done our part by giving you the details - now it’s up to you to take action! Sign up now, before all these bundles are swaddled up and carried off by other wannabe coffee connoisseurs. The bundles will only be available until Tuesday, April 3rd.

And if you just want to take one class, don’t worry...we’ll get to you next (as in next Wednesday, April 4th).