Barista's Choice: LA ROCA

Mornings at home are sacred to me...given my profession, they are few and far between. On these days, my relaxed routine is important:

Wake up to the hungry elbow nibbles from my cat reminding me it’s breakfast time



Notice the morning southern light reaching up these lofted walls

...then b-line it to prep my caffeine fix.

La Roca is my favorite for these easy fall mornings. Sweet, smooth, exciting and just complex enough to always leave me wanting more. It leaves me satisfied in the still 9 o’clock moments of morning, but somehow, I can’t wait to get out and grab all opportunities that await.

Kyra has been with CREMA for 1 1/2 years. Former ballet dancer turned vegan baker turned 3-legged-cat owner turned amateur ceramic artist...also, don't forget professional napper.