Barista's Choice: Gichathaini


Being in the coffee industry for over a decade, sometimes I forget to stop and enjoy the experience of drinking a good cup of coffee.  However, there is an exception to everything and my exception is Kenyan coffees.

This Kenyan coffee reminds me of that baby-faced, brand-new-to-coffee, 20-year-old Jess who met each new coffee with raw passion and excitement. It is my little reminder to slow down and really taste and appreciate coffee again.

Whenever I take a sip of the Gichathaini, it demands I pay attention to its paradoxically simple complexity. The Gichathaini is surprisingly balanced for an African coffee. Yes, there's a sweet tartness (not to be confused with an actual SweetTart) reminiscent of dried cherry that can seem a little aggressive at first if you aren't used to those flavors but, there's also a great milk chocolate and caramel creaminess that rounds out the finish as it rolls pleasantly over your tongue. I also think this coffee holds up exceptionally well in almost any brew method - from Chemex to auto drip to French press - which makes me appreciate it even more.

(And if you're wondering: no, I don't think I have ever pronounced that coffee name right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Jess is dangerously close to completing a Master of Arts in Student Affairs in Higher Education and abides by “drip coffee in the mornings, espresso in the afternoon (before 2pm of course).” Her free time is filled with hiking, yoga, board games & being a self-proclaimed “Movie Pass junkie” with her husband (who she serendipitously met when he became a CREMA regular years ago).