All that was 2014

Our hammies are sore from the stair-stepper, the gluten is in the garbage, and we’re well on our way to our goal of writing in our journals more in 2015.

At CREMA, we’ve made a lot of resolutions for the New Year. We’re outfitting our training lab with more room and more tools for training and classes. We’re redesigning our cafe with an eye towards improved service, comfortability, and flow (comflowtability?). We’ll be going on even more sourcing trips this year, and for the first time, we’re bringing our baristas along. 

We are so excited for what 2015 holds for CREMA--the new ways we’ll get to serve you and the new ways we’ll get to experience the global story of coffee as a community.

So with the upcoming year squarely in our sights, we figured we’d take a look back at 2014 before it faded too far in the rearview mirror. In the last year, we served people, made great coffee, and had a lot of fun. Below is an assortment of fun facts, photos, and flashbacks from ‘14.

  • Students packed our training lab for two semester’s worth of coffee classes in 2014, and learned everything from espresso theory to how to cup (taste) coffee. Our most popular class, though? Secrets of Latte Art. Did you manage to get in one of those stuffed-to-the-gills classes? We don’t mind you sharing our secrets. (Actually, here they are: our handy guide to latte art.)
  • Speaking of latte art, we hosted a throwdown back in May. There was the Grilled Cheeserie, Black Abbey beer, and a whole heckuva lot of people there. Our friend Ryan Green snapped photos.


  • After six wonderful years, we (er, the very talented Aaron Rosburg and Associates) ripped out that old hand-built bar and started fresh. That was cool. 


  • Education was a focal point for us in 2014, and we explored all kinds of coffee subjects on our blog. From debunking coffee myths to working with coffee-minded Vanderbilt researchers, we had a blast nerding out to all this coffee talk. One of our most helpful posts--certainly our most clicked-on--was a look into coffee processing. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t learn something from writing it.

  • In September, we joined with the entire Nashville coffee community and hosted a screening of A Film About Coffee. The film was awesome, plus we got to host an after party with our friends Miguel and Guillermo Menendez. Brandon Loper, the film’s director, even spoke with us on the blog. (Missed it? We’ve got download cards here.)


Dinner at the 404 Kitchen

Always smiling at Dozen Bakery 

The 404 Kitchen demonstrates real teamwork

Pastry takes shape at Dozen Bakery

  • We ran out of space to host our annual CREMA Christmas charity event, but continued our commitment to our community by giving to our partners at The Contributor and Safe Haven (among others).

  • Here's a number for ya: we diverted approximately 11-13 tons of trash from the landfill this year by composting (provided by Compost Nashville, check 'em out!) or recycling 90-95% of all waste. Thanks for you help sorting trash into the correct bins!

  • We made several new friends this year. And if you go visit these friends, you’ll be able to drink our coffee there. You can find us at Tiny Warrior in San Francisco, Kingdom Coffee in Springfield, Missouri, Henry & June in Atlanta, the Farmer’s Daughter in Chattanooga, and in town at Pinewood Social, Bella Nashville, Husk, The 404 Kitchen, Prima, and Dozen Bakery.

  • With all beverages accounted for--drip coffee, lattes, and spro--we served around 10,000 gallons of coffee this year. 10,000! We can’t quite figure out if that’s a lot or a little--we just can’t get the image of 10,000 milk jugs filled with coffee out of our heads.

  • Finally--and you had to expect this from us--we had a rockin’ holiday party that featured food, drinks, dancing, and--who else?--Mariah Carey. Enjoy the pics below. Happy New Year!

Party photos courtesy Sara Kiesling.