Our Holiday Picks

Unless you’re really gifted (don’t pardon the pun...we meant to do that), choosing gifts for loved ones over the holidays tends to add an element of unnecessary stress to the season. To help eliminate that stress, we’ve rounded up a curated list of our favorite ten gifts for those coffee-lovers in your life! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, open up your laptop and breathe a sigh of relief because we’re about to make things much easier this holiday season.

1. For the traveler

We all have that person in our life who is always on the go. And if they’re a coffee lover, they’re familiar with the challenge of hunting down quality coffee in a random city, airport or camp-site. Gift them a hand grinder to begin or complete their mobile brewing setup! We have a number of options, from small, lightweight, and inexpensive, to the top-of-the-line. Check out our options here!

2. For the book-worm

Some people learn by doing and some learn through self-education. For that coffee-loving bookworm in your family, “How to Make Coffee” is an approachable and engaging book. Complete with illustrations and step-by-step instructions, this book covers it all from the science behind brewing coffee to recommended gadgets and brew method how-to’s.

3. For the tea drinker    

We know, we know...what crazy person would choose tea over coffee? But truthfully, we wouldn’t be mad if we were served Red Blossom Tea instead of coffee every now and again. Based in San Francisco, the folks at Red Blossom approach tea the way we approach coffee - they’re fanatics about taste, quality and sourcing and it shows! Choose from 3 varieties of loose-leaf tea to show the tea-drinkers in your life that they matter too! While you're at it, throw in one of our new Bean & Bailey slip-cast tea cups so they can sip their tea in style.

4. For the cold-natured CREMA fan    

Does your son mention that he comes to CREMA most days of the week? Does your best friend make a point to stop in whenever they’re passing through town? Nothing says “cozy and caffeinated CREMA cronie” like one of our CREMA hoodies.

5. For the coffee nerd

Who doesn’t love a good gift of an experience rather than another material possession? We’re surprising our customers with an extra unexpected semester of our beloved Coffee Classes! "How to Brew Great Coffee At Home" is one of our most popular classes offering an hour of education from one of our own trained "spro-fessors." Your loved one will learn the ins and outs of brewing a delicious cup of coffee at home from Chemex to Kalita - even French Press! Who knows? If you're lucky enough, maybe you'll get to reap the benefits!

6. For the daily drinker    

No, we’re not talking about nightcaps, we’re talking about coffee! If you know your friends blast through a bag of coffee every two weeks, our Coffee Subscriptions make for an amazing gift! It doesn’t get any easier for them - you choose the frequency of their coffee deliveries and then we hand select and deliver a bag of coffee straight to their door.

7. For your favorite

If you’re looking to go all-in for your very favorite person, we can help put together a kit of must-haves! Fill up your cart with your chosen brew-method, the corresponding filters, a quality burr grinder, a kettle and scale. If you need help, just holler at us at hello@crema-coffee.com - this is the kind of stuff that really gets us excited!

8. For the individualist

Nothing speaks to the individualist in your life like a small-batch, handmade item. Rather than sharing a basic mug with your favorite coffee-lover, gift them one of our unique Slip Cast mugs from the talented artisanal Bean & Bailey duo out of Chattanooga. Choose from white, light grey, or charcoal and prepare to wow your loved one!

9. For the average joe    

Wow the average joe in your family with a gift of some not-so-average-joe (again, sorry not sorry...puns are ALWAYS intended!). This may seem like an obvious gift suggestion, but we’d be remiss not to include it - give someone a bag of coffee or two! If you don’t know which coffee to pick, but you have some basic information like the gift-recipient’s preferred origin, flavors or their at-home brewing method, then we can help! Ask your barista when you’re checking out in the shop or email hello@crema-coffee.com and we’d be happy to help guide your choice.

10. For the mysterious ones    

You know your cousin lives in Nashville and loves coffee...but that’s where your intuition ends. Why not send them a gift card so they can choose what suits them best? They can put it toward a quality home-grinder or fund their weekly espresso cravings for months! You don’t have to stress over the details, but can still show that you care enough to know their favorite pastimes and indulgences

Whatever you choose, get creative and remember it’s the thought that counts! These gifts are approved by Santa’s everywhere, and we think your friends and family will approve too!