Just for You: Abby's 2014 Playlist

Abigail Wright was a CREMA-ite long before she ever strapped on her plastic dishwashing gloves. A regular for years, Abby figured she might as well wash dishes to pay for those iced mochas. It was late 2012 when she first saddled up to the perfectly Abby-sized CREMA dish sink. Just a few months later, Abby ditched the dishes, and was dishing out spro with the best of ‘em.

Today, the California-grown Abby is one of CREMA’s most well-loved baristas. She has put a spook into the old-fashioned latte art game, pouring ghosts, skeletons, and sea monsters into your formerly-tulip’d cups. Her vibey playlists ring throughout CREMA (and Rolf and Daughters), and her music discovery Instagram account (@becausemuzic) is an amazingly tight resource. To that end, the musician, DJ, barista, Star Wars nut, and Green Bay Packers cheesehead has created a welcome-to-2014 playlist, just for you.

What’s your jam right now, coffee-wise?

My favorite coffee we have is the Konga Natural. It’s just so good. I personally love the super fruity coffees, and it’s our fruitiest, I think.

You consider yourself a bit of a mocha expert. You’ve had mochas all over the United States--aside from CREMA’s mocha (wink), what’s your favorite?

My favorite mocha besides CREMA is from Four Barrel in San Francisco. Good beans, good sauce, good milk, perfect.

You’re coming up on your one-year anniversary of being a barista at CREMA. What are some cool things you’ve learned about yourself in the past year?

I’ve had the privilege of working for someone who takes care of me, who wants me to flourish in my job. Being treated well, being encouraged to learn more--that’s a big deal. Coffee is very scientific and weird and nerdy--and that’s super interesting to me. I guess because the environment is so cool, I want to do better and learn more. It’s so cool--there’s always something new happening at CREMA, it’s exciting.

What’s the vibe of this playlist?

This playlist is just me throughout the last year and now. These are some of my highlights.

Music is like blood--we need it. That’s my life.