Unlike Anything Else: Finca Las Margaritas Gesha

It is here in Colombia, amid a beautiful landscape with lush green jungle foliage and tropical rainforest plant life, that we experienced a coffee varietal of heirloom cultivars from Ethiopia that is one of the world’s most coveted, most unique and complex cup profiles in the world. Gesha Las Margaritas placed 3rd overall in the 2012 Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Coffee of the Year competition in Portland, OR and Sean (CREMA Roaster + Green Buyer) placed third just this year preparing the Gesha during the 2013 SCAA’s annual Brewers Cup competition. Finca Las Margaritas is located in the volcanic hills of Caicedonia which gives way to rich volcanic soil, light cloud cover and intense sunlight. The farmers take special care raising the plants using banana and eucalyptus trees as windbreaks to prevent wind damage and freezing of the coffee plants since it is in a valley. 

The four micro-lots of the Gesha varietal sit between 1,600 – 1,800 masl and are in the fourth year of fruit production. 

Year after year they have a higher and better yield which is aided by the climate data recorder that collects the years rainfall, sunlight, shade, wind, and many other variables that will affect the coffee production. This rare coffee offers a complex cup with lemongrass, honeysuckle, and citrus aromatics, followed by star anise, vanilla bean, and cocoa. As it cools the licorice hangs on and is joined by sensations tropical fruits like passion fruit, orange and pineapple that are held up by more lemongrass and rose. Medium bodied, very sweet, very complex, with a long lingering sweet aftertaste.

Facts at a glance:

Farm: Finca Las Margaritas
Varietal: Gesha
Producer: Rigoberto Herrera Correa
Region: Caicedonia, Colombia
District: Valle del Cauca
Altitude: 1,400-1,900 masl