Origin trip: Colombia

In the hills of Trujillo, Colombia sits the beautiful farms of Cafe Granja La Esperanza. After meeting the farmers two years ago plans were soon in progress to visit Colombia. We are honored to have developed a direct trade relationship with Rigoberto Herrera Correa and his team at Cafe Granja La Esperanza in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia. They have several different plots of land spanning across southwest Colombia, and we visited three of them. The farm won three spots on the 2012 Coffee of the Year board at The Event in Portland, and continues to pursue new and unique varietals, rigorous climate control and data recording, and quality protocols in every step of the process. They pay their workers well above the industry norm, have built a school for the workers children, and provide them with housing and plenty of crops to eat off the land. They truly are a mark of excellence in the world of coffee production in Colombia.

We had the pleasure of visiting Finca La Esperanza and Finca Cerro Azul in Trujillo, and in neighboring Caicedonia we visited Finca Las Margaritas. Sean and Julie spent several days walking through the hills picking ripe coffee cherries and learning just how detailed they are with processing, drying, and grading their coffees on the cupping table. They record every harvest date, for every coffee, for every lot that is picked. Incredible. We sampled the coveted Laurina varietal that grows 99% naturally decaffeinated, the Heirloom Gesha varietal from Cerro Azul and Las Margaritas, Bourbons like; the San Bernardo, Tekisic, Yellow, Red and Honey; Pacamara (the only one in the country), and the Caturra cultivar.

Hello to Rigoberto and his entire family, Manuel, Hernando, Pedro, Angelica, Luz, Mario, y todos los otros! Abrazos a ustedes y sus familias!

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