CREMA at Pinewood Social

CREMA is a part of something new. In a year of big steps forward–from origin trips and award-winning SCAA appearance, to our raved-about coffee soda–this may be our biggest one yet.

We’re crossing the street.

CREMA is collaborating with Pinewood Social, the latest brainchild of chef Josh Habiger and Strategic Hospitality (Patterson House, Merchant’s), to create a truly unique coffee experience.

Pinewood Social is a wholly unique place: a coffee bar, a bar bar, and a restaurant–all in one. Open from morning to night, Pinewood Social is a space for quiet coffee sipping, and late-night drinks with friends. It’s a lunch spot, a prime dinner destination, and absolutely the only place you can hold a cocktail in one hand, an espresso in the other, and a bowling ball…in your lap? (Yeah, there’s bowling.)

As for where CREMA fits into the all-day, cream of the culinary crop bowl-a-thon? Right in the middle of things.

After teaming up with Habiger in his creations at The Catbird Seat, we are thoroughly pumped to have CREMA at Pinewood Social, our own collaborative coffee laboratory. Nathanael Mehrens, the wizard behind our coffee soda, will have the space and freedom to indulge his maddest mad scientist schemes. And with beverage director Matt Tocco just across the bar, the possibilities of coffee and alcohol concoctions are endless. Probably they have already brewed up some bewitching beverage that is sure to ruin all other cocktails for us forever.

CREMA at Pinewood Social will feature many of the classic drinks served in our shop, but will fling open the doors between the kitchen, the bar, and the espresso bar, allowing for collaborations between professional chefs, creative mixologists, and our own coffee crew. Before long, everyone’s hands will be stained with espresso dust.

That’s the idea, says Habiger. “We wanted to really make sure each facet of the space could stand alone as a great entity. We quickly realized that we would rather work with them [CREMA] than try and attempt to do what they do so well.”

You’ll see us there–just as soon as we sweep up, and sprint across the street.