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Smooth Sailing

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Easy drinking year-round single origin offering — currently Santa Rosa, Costa Rica (White Honey Process)

Tastes like: Chocolate, Toasted Nut, Sweet

About Smooth Sailing

Say ‘ahoy!’ to Smooth Sailing — something brand new for us, a single origin offering that’s available year round. Anchor any day with this easy going and approachable sail-ection that’s shore to please anyone who likes coffee.

While the origin will change with the tides (aka seasons), we’ll always choose a Latin American coffee that fits a similar profile — chocolatey, nutty and sweet.

This iteration of Smooth Sailing is Santa Rosa, a white honey processed (partially washed before drying) offering from our friends — the Mongés — in Costa Rica. You may recognize Santa Rosa as a coffee we’ve had before. This lot is from a different part of the farm at a lower elevation, producing a coffee that leans more into its chocolatey and nutty side.

Think of ‘Smooth Sailing’ as more of a frame of mind, something easy and breezy, that you don’t need to overthink. So, sit back and let the wind in your sails take you to a beautiful place where coffee just tastes like coffee.

REGION: Tarrazú, Costa Rica
FARM/MILL: Santa Rosa/La Lia
PRODUCER: Luis and Oscar Mongé
ALTITUDE: ~1,000 meters
PROCESS: White Honey (Partially Washed), Dried on Raised Beds

Directly sourced with the Mongé family and Exclusive Coffees.

Brewing Recommendation

While we strive to roast our coffees to be enjoyable using any brewing method, try Smooth Sailing on drip or French press.

Drip - 1:16  [i.e. 40g coffee : 640g water]

French Press - 1:14.3  [i.e. 28g coffee : 400g water]